Flood Support

During my time in office, Logan faced severe storm and flood events, including the largest floods in decades in 2017 and 2022. In response, I worked closely with the community to ensure their safety and kept them informed throughout these challenging times. I also supported the efforts of volunteers, such as the mud army led by Louie Naumovski and the Logan House Fire Support Network, by providing the necessary resources and volunteer connections.

Christmas Storms

The recent storms had a massive impact on the southern suburbs of Jimboomba, Cedar Grove, Cedar Vale, Tamborine, Mundoolun, Woodhill, Glenlogan, Veresdale, Veresale Scrub and Yarrabilba. I hit the ground on boxing day to hand out water to people clearing roads and then supported the local Councillor Scott Bannan with welfare check and volunteered from the 29th of December to the 5th of January at the Jimboomba Hall community hub to help locals with their grant applications and connect them to recovery support.

Community Engagement

I believe in actively engaging with the community to gather input on local projects and policy initiatives. I conducted focus groups and research to seek residents’ suggestions and test ideas before running for Mayor. The Community Plan, developed with input from dedicated locals, exemplifies the power of community engagement. If re-elected, I aim to reconnect with these community members for advice on critical decisions, such as our Planning Scheme and the city’s long-term vision.

Storm Support

In 2018, a massive storm hit Marsden, resulting in downed trees and widespread debris. When Council declined to assist residents with a green waste clean-up, I took matters into my own hands. With the help of local residents and trailers, we cleaned up the streets, restoring normalcy to the affected areas.


I have consistently advocated for residents, even on issues beyond Council’s jurisdiction. Notable examples include improving digital infrastructure, securing funding for Loganlea Road upgrades through Jim Chalmers’ election commitment, addressing hooning issues, demolishing abandoned houses, supporting police enforcement, additional CCTV funding and increased resources for Fire Ant eradication. These accomplishments were made possible through collaboration with businesses and politicians who share our vision.


A united Council is more productive and serves your interests better. During my time as Deputy Mayor, I played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration among Councillors, ensuring that they functioned as a cohesive team. In local government, as in business, teamwork enhances productivity and well-being.


I actively supported new Councillors during their first term, resulting in their exceptional growth and expertise. Their accomplishments reflect their dedication and commitment to better serving you, and I am proud to have played a role in supporting their development.

Traffic Safety

Addressing speeding and hooning has been an ongoing concern in my electorate. Through collaboration with affected residents and traffic engineers, I secured support for significant local traffic safety improvements. Projects, including speed platforms in Marsden, Crestmead, Berrinba, and Waterford West, have enhanced safety, along with various initiatives like traffic islands, line markings, traffic light timing adjustments, and signage improvements.